Convection heat is the kind of way of heating that most of us are used to it. Conventional heating operates by rising up air’s temperature within a room, so the hot air dissipates faster resulting in uneven heat distribution. Because hot air rises and pushes the colder air downwards, what ends up happening is that there will always be a cold air which needs to reheat continually.


We need to consider that our home environment takes an important part when it comes to our comfort and health. The infrared heating panels can provide you with an ideal living space for that matter. An infrared heater works differently from a conventional one in that it creates a heat that is very similar to the sun. The infrared heat waves are produced directly by the panel, traveling unlimited until it hits a solid object which then absorbs it and warms up. Infrared heating technology is the most efficient and effective source of heating that provides you with maximum comfort.

“If you’re just now beginning to discover our infrared heating technology – you’ve come to the right place to find the best solution for you and your family on this cold season.”

Infrared heaters do not warm the air but instead use direct heat, warming the walls as well as all bodies and objects in its path. Infrared is light that we cannot see, but our bodies can feel as heat. Infrared is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. This form of energy has a specific frequency that constitutes to a completely natural process. You will start to feel warm within few minutes after turning the panels on so the air will not be overheated and also no dust swirls as the heat is distributed evenly within the room. The pleasant infrared heat allows you more comfort and reduces your energy bills thanks to its faster heating effect.


Where can you install your infrared heating panel?

Infrared heating panels can be hung from the ceiling or walls so that you will have a lot more room for a better design. An infrared heating panel can be incorporated into any part of a building.

Do they require any maintenance?

There’s no reason whatsoever for your infrared panel to fail mechanically, unlike traditional heaters which would require cleaning, and so forth, therefore they do not require any form of an annual maintenance contract.

Are they efficient?

With an infrared heater, you will no longer have cold spots since they heat every object in the room, a wall, or even you, entirely evenly. The heat then radiates from these objects and creates a stable and comfortable temperature. Compared with other heating solutions, an infrared heating panel is an infrared technology that will reduce your energy usage up to 50%.

Is Infrared radiation safe?

They are 100% safe, and it has been backed up by numerous studies, including those done by the Swedish National Institute of Radiation Protection. The key to the safe use of infrared panels is that they can be mounted higher up on walls or ceilings. Infrared heat doesn’t circulate any dust or germs and provides a pleasant and comfortable dry heat. Do not mistake infrared with harmful infrared light. There are no harmful UV rays projected from the infrared heating panels. We’ll start by addressing the radiation aspect. Yes, infrared heaters do use radiation to heat your home – but it’s not the type of radiation we are used to hearing.

How can you control your heating system? 

Infrared heating panels are an efficient way of heating our homes, but how can you control the temperature? Sundirect Infrared heating panels come with a Wi-Fi function and can be entirely remotely controlled from any iOS device or Android device. This system ensures that the panels’ efficiency is maximized, so you obtain the required temperature without exceeding.

How do the running costs compare with other forms of heating?

Infrared heaters will cut your energy costs if you use them correctly. Electric bills are an understandable concern. The infrared heating system uses less energy to heat the same area also reducing the impact on the environment as well as cost savings to the consumer. Compared to conventional heating, the infrared panels win over standard devices, because they don’t waste time converting expensive energy into heat. Instead, panels turn all output into warmth.

Are there any benefits to infrared heating?

The infrared heating panels are better for your health, as well as your home, as it prevents the build-up of any mold. They are quite healthy and can help gently increase blood circulation, rid the body of toxins and even provide pain relief.

So, what makes infrared heating so special?

Infrared heat is similar to the sun heating the earth, as it gently warms people and objects with radiant energy. Infrared heat is a natural form of heating that provides optimum heating temperature after 30 seconds, so there is no need to wait for the heat to raise because as is delivered instantly.