As the world gravitates toward greater sustainability and eco-friendly solutions, the need for healthy, energy-efficient heating technology rises. If you are looking for ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home or office, SUNDIRECT Infrared heating panels might be the solution you are looking for.

So, how does infrared heating contribute to energy efficiency? There are several ways.


Infrared heating panels use less energy than traditional convection heaters because they heat the surface of a room rather than the volume. Infrared panels achieve the same temperatures as conventional heating solutions, only with less power, in less time, while providing a higher quality of heat. Infrared panels heat objects, walls, and furniture in your home, rather than warming up the air. This way, all objects in your home emit heat, providing longer-lasting warmth. 


Infrared heating is considered efficient because it only heats where you want heat instead of the whole house of office. The warmth is pleasantly radiated and transmitted, like sunshine, to the people and objects in the room. Infrared produces direct heat, which consequently consumes less energy. It is the best way to heat any space, whether it’s the largest building or the smallest home. Infrared heating panels can be utilized to provide a space with a fully zoned heating system, allowing you to save money and energy. Infrared panels in individual rooms can be switched on or off as required, so you won’t waste any money by warming up rooms that are not being used.


IR panel heaters use considerably less power compared to traditional electric heaters, which means you could save up to 60% off your energy bills. Additionally, they take up much less space and require no maintenance. So, it is not just about energy saving, there is so much more value.


If your focus is to build a green home, these are the reasons to choose infrared heating:

– With Infrared heating, there are no direct CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions and NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions

-There is no oxygen consumption

– Infrared panels provide safe and odorless heating

– Infrared heat is safe for people, pets and the environment 

– With infrared heating, there is no air movement, which contributes to health due to less airborne particles circulating the space.

– Infrared panels are environmentally friendly

– There is no condensation, which means less mold and dampness than associated with other forms of heating

– With infrared panels, there is less than 4% energy waste 

So, if you are devoted to achieving an energy-efficient home or office, SunDirect Infrared panels are something you should definitely consider.