In this blog, we will show you how to connect your SunDirect Wireless Controler with the SunDirect Smart App. This app is specifically designed to work together with Sundirect “Plus” range infrared panel heaters paired with Smart1.0 PRO, and SmartPlug wireless thermostats. 


First, download the application from PlayStore or Apple Store. Register with the SunDirect Smart App. The registration code will be sent to you via e-mail.


If you are using Smart Plug Controller, check the Wifi signal on the screen of “Smart Plug” and make sure it’s flashing rapidly. 

If the signal is not flashing rapidly, please power off the “Smart Plug” by pressing the power button and then long-press Wifi button until the Wi-Fi signal is flashing rapidly.

If you are using Smart1.0Pro Controller, connect Smart1.0Pro to the electricity, and make sure the Wi-Fi signal on Smart1.0Pro is rapidly flashing .If not, please power off Smart1.0Pro and long press the “PRG” button until the Wifi signal is flashing rapidly.


Now, click the plus icon on the top right corner of the screen. Select the option “thermostat.” Confirm that indicator light blinks rapidly. Enter the Wi-Fi password of your home network. Please make sure your home Wi-Fi is working and keep the heater and smartphone or tablet as close as possible to the Wi-Fi router. Please notice that our APP only works with 2.4GHz network. Wait until the connection status shows 100% to finish the setting. The Wifi signal on the control box will stop flashing when the process is completed.


So, one thermostat controls all the panels in one room. SunDirect smart app controls all the thermostats in your home. You can name each thermostat accordingly, for example: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen one, two and three if you have multiple panels in one room. This app allows you to manually control the temperature in each room, but there is so much more than that. You can also create a heating program for every day of the week, or set up the holiday mode timer while you are on vacation. You can create multiple groups to control all the heaters in one room at once. SunDirect Smart App also allows you to share control over your device with others.

SunDirect Smart App is available for Android and IOS mobile devices. As you can see, using this App is like having your own little heating central which provides you with absolute control over the heating in your home. It also helps you to save money and energy. With fully zoned heating system, you won’t waste any money by warming up rooms that are not being used. 

Check out how the entire process of connecting the application looks like in the video bellow.