Infrared heating solutions have recently penetrated the US market, and they have already gained significant popularity due to their effectiveness for residential and commercial use. In this blog post, we are giving you the 10 top reasons to consider this new technology:


1. No CO emission

With our panels, there is no carbon monoxide because there are no open flames that can emit CO. This means our product is “green”. Infrared panels are eco-friendly. When combined with solar panels, the whole system becomes 100% green and self-sufficient. Renewable heat without paying for energy.


2. Easy handling and controlling

With Wi-Fi controlled thermostats and a mobile app, you are just a few clicks away from creating the perfect room temperature. It is easy to set up heating zones in your home or even in a single room.


3. Suitable for all types of households

Sundirect panels fit into every interior and can be placed in homes and commercial spaces. They can be wall or ceiling mounted according to your needs, or even be self-standing so you can place them wherever needed. Whatever mounting you choose, rest assured that Infrared panels will warm up your apartment, house or office space.


4. Low energy consumption

Our panels are converting all electric energy into heat, which makes them 100% energy efficient. This means you can save up to 50% on your electricbill, in comparison to standard electric heating systems. Also, it is possible to heat according to your individual needs, whether you need a warm room for a particular time, or require permanent warmth in your space.


5. Healthy micro climate

Infrared heating doesn’t heat the air like convection heaters, so there is no air circulation. The result is clean air without dust particles, bacteria, and other forms of dust. This makes Infrared heating ideal for people who have asthma, allergies, or other respiratory problems. IR radiant heat benefits blood circulation, stimulates metabolism, and can help people who suffer from rheumatism.


6. Low initial investment

Running infrared heating panels is 30% more cost-effective than standard convection heaters. Infrared heating can provide similar levels of heat to anelaborate central heating system but they run on electricity. Install cost is much lower than conventional heating systems.


7. No maintenance

Unlike traditional convection heaters and other heating systems that use water or fan-based heat, Sundirect Infrared panels do not require inspection and repair. They are 100% maintenance-free with a five years warranty.


8. Preventing mold

You can effectively prevent mold with infrared heating because it directly heats the walls and furniture in the room instead of the air. Objects in the room store the heat, which is slowly then released back into the room. So the walls are not only warm, but they are also dry.


9. Easy installation

You can install and set up our infrared panels quickly. Just follow our installation guide (link to white papers) and start enjoying the pleasant heat produced by our panels.


10. Easy fit into every space and customization

The panels are also pleasant and blend into home and office décor well. Additionally, one can customize each panel with any image, color theme, or picture you choose. They just need to be digital and hi resolution.