Q: How does Infrared Work?

A: Sundirect Infrared heating panels are innovative products that function by heating objects rather than heating air. Powered by electricity, these heaters transmit 'far infrared' rays. Although invisible to the human eye, these rays have the potential to reduce heating costs and transform the way rooms, buildings, and spaces are heated in the USA. Infrared rays heat surfaces rather than air currents, offering a vastly superior level of efficiency for sustaining temperatures.

Q: Are IR panels safe?

A: Infrared heaters can't harm humans. On the contrary! Humans naturally absorb infrared waves every day. Infrared waves are emitted from the sun. Unlike UV, Gamma or X-rays, Infrared waves are entirely safe.

Q: How are the IR panels installed?

Our Sundirect IR panels (link to products) can be installed on walls and ceilings, or even be self-standing, using simple, secure fittings, packaged with the heating units. Every panel is delivered with templates and instructions for easy installation. For non-standard installation, one may require custom mounting hardware and/or a mechanical or electrical contractor.

Q: How much do Sundirect IR panels cost?

A: Price varies depending on size, output requirement, and material. Our panels are an excellent value for what one pays. Please browse the websites of our distributors like Ebeleco.com to see the products, learn more about the options offered and pricing and purchase directly online.

Q: Are Sundirect IR panels energy efficient?

A: Undoubtedly, our infrared heaters are more energy-efficient than other electric heat. They radiate almost 100 % of the heat they produce, which creates nearly no loss in heat transfer. The infrared heating system distributes heat where it's needed rather than just heating empty spaces within the room. Infrared panels become a green heating solution when combined with solar panels.

Q: How do I get an image or my choice of picture to my IR panel?

A: Our Sundirect GD GLASS infrared panels (link) can be customized using your high-resolution image. Choose a favorite photo, a picture of your children, pets, or even your digital art to create your customized heating panel. The pic chosen must be digital and a Hi-resolution image.

Q: Can IR panels be used in the bathroom?

A: Infrared heat can be used in the bathroom, and it directly heats the walls, floors, and ceiling. This reduces damp, condensation, and mold, and also, when using our infrared panels, there's no need for underfloor heating because you won't have cold floors. No cold floor means NO MORE COLD FEET! GD glass towel heaters (link to product) warm your bathroom, and you can use it for drying towels as well.

Q: How do I control my IR panels?

A: Sundirect Infrared heating panels can be plugged in and used immediatley. To have a smart heating system, you will need a thermostat in each room where our infrared panels are installed. Our smart thermostat (link to product) controls room temperature, allowing you full control including programming it so your home or office is always at a comfortable temperature. The thermostat will turn the heaters off when the room reaches the required temperature and switch them back on automatically as temperature lowers. Program the period (time) and warmth you want, and the system will do the rest. Controlling your heating with our smart thermostat and receivers makes sense. Adding our smartphone App (link to AppStore and Google Play Store) adds greater control and convenience.