With infrared panels, you will feel like sun heating warmth, because they heat objects and not surrounding air. Compared with the others indoor heating solutions infrared panel significantly reduces energy usage up to 50%.


A temperature in your room can be reduced or increased at every moment. With WIFI function you control heaters remotely from any iOS or Android device.


Panels don’t give off emissions, smell of dust or dirt, or causes allergies and lungs problem. They are ideal solution for yoga studio and other types of recreation.


Infrared panels heat objects, not the surrounding air, so you will feel the warmth as if it were from the sun itself. In comparison to other indoor heating solutions, infrared panels also significantly reduce energy usage by up to 50%.


Don’t worry about the additional cost for maintenance, because there is no service. Just apply heaters and use for a long period without concern.


Panels are designed to be attractive in every house, office or yoga studio. You can choose color or custom design of your heaters and apply on walls or ceiling whatever fit you best.

Interested in Infrared Heating Panels?

Sundirect infrared panels are the best heating solution for your home, they will help you and your family stay warm without the great expense. Infrared heaters are considered the best energy-efficient heating solutions. They don’t waste energy, and heat is not retained in the air, but in the structure of a living space, which allows infrared heaters to maintain a comfortable temperature. An infrared panel will help you achieve a healthy heat at an affordable price. Sundirect panels are a 100% safe and healthy heating system option that does not produce any carbon monoxide. You can mount your innovative heating panel on a wall or ceiling, therefore, saving floor space. Full control of your indoor or outdoor infrared heating system is available with Wi-Fi capability. These quality heating panels have health benefits and perfectly fit in yoga studios, homes, or any other residential or commercial properties.

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SUNDIRECT infrared panels are an innovative way to heat both indoor and outdoor spaces. Infrared panels heat like sun rays because they reach the object and then heat it from the inside leaving it warm without heating the air. Our Panels have an attractive design and take up very little space, as they can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. They also come in a wide range of shapes and sizes which can be adapted for every room. One can choose glass, white, or customize them with a printed panel and remotely control via the iOS or Android SunDirect App.

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  • towel
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The easy and cost-effective way for you to control heating an area is with the SUNDIRECT smart application. This Wi-Fi heating control allows you to further your energy savings by up to 10%.

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“Alexa, turn heating on”

Control your wireless infrared
panel via Alexa.

It has never been easier to control heating and at the same time save energy and money. Now you can instantly connect the wireless Sundirect infrared panel with the Alexa voice service. Just tell Alexa your desired temperature, sit back, and relax in the comfortable warmth of your home.

Case Studies

Spa and Wellness Studio

The wellness body treatment studio CYRO LIFE is a modern spa at the center in Prague, Czech Republic.

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New renovate house in Slovenia

The owners of a house Slovenia decided to renovate and make the modern property. Owner of the shop asked SUNDIRECT for help.

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Kastl shop

The Kastl shop is in beautiful old town Innsbruck in Austria. There was no central heating system installed in this historical building.

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SunDirect infrared panels have a wide range of beautifully designed products that can fit in any area while delivering a host of benefits. So, whether it’s a home or hotel, office workspace or retail showroom, beauty salon or a gym space, doctors office or any healthcarefacility, our panels are a perfect fit. In addition to the decorative function of SunDirect heaters, they are also energy efficient and contribute to one’s general health and wellbeing.

RECEPTION DESKWith our Sundirect heating system, large open space offices won’t waste energy and money and their employees will feel pleasant warmth all the time.